Studio 149 is a great Christian Dance Family where we care about your student’s spiritual, emotional, and physical health. We fully believe that God gives each student unique gifts with the beautiful potential to express themselves in the arts.

Studio 149 is a discipleship ministry where we come along side each student in their Dance Education, but more importantly in their walk with Christ…deliberately discipling them through the arts to make a Kingdom Impact.

Each student is required to take Ballet in order to create muscular strength, proper alignment, flexibility, and technique so that each genre of dance is supported by a healthy body. We “grow” our students slowly over time, careful not to push too hard too fast, so that these students can “Praise the Lord with dance,” throughout their lifetime without injury.

Mrs. Graf put into place our Teacher Training and Internship Program in 2003, creating an opportunity for students to mentor their peers and younger students, creating Discipling Relationships, with University Curriculum and Exams that she applied when teaching at the University of Saint Francis and Indiana Purdue University as an LTL. The Curriculum, Syllabi, and Mentoring Program, created a unified education in alignment/muscle and bone development, syllabi, and positive discipline in the classroom, with a mission and vision for Studio 149 to continue nurturing the physical, emotional, and spiritual health, of every student as a top priority.

All of our Faculty have been raised in the Mentoring Program with years of Dance Education under Mrs. Graf in addition to other Pre-Professional Training programs and Master Workshops. Each Faculty Teacher continues their education, mentors within the Mentoring Program our younger Student Teachers in Training, and is evaluated each season by our Founder and Artistic Director, Mrs. Graf. When you meet your teacher, you know that they are qualified not only to teach but serve a greater purpose and are unified in the pedagogy of Studio 149 offering a holistic approach to your student’s Dance Education inspiring them to dance for a greater purpose.

Click on each Faculty Teacher’s Name to read more about them. We are excited to meet your student!

Mrs. Tricia Graf, Founder and Artistic Director

Faculty Teachers:

Mrs. Sarah Knapp

Miss Paige Rockett

Miss Jamie Taylor

Miss Grace Rockett

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